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Scientific talk: Mitigating the effects of climate change with the world's most porous materials

Apr 30, 20239:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Salle CE 1 102


Our laboratory is exploring the wonderful world of porous materials. Like molecular sponges, these materials have the ability to adsorb certain molecules while excluding others. This is why we are studying their separation capabilities for applications with high climatic and societal stakes. Indeed, we are currently working on subjects such as CO2 capture, oxygen purification, water decontamination and precious metal recycling. Registration: Online, or on site at the Chemistry Info desk Online, please make sure to select the desired date and time ("Where and when / Other options) In case of questions/problems, please contact: scgc@epfl.ch. Meeting point: 15 minutes before, at the welcome/chemistry info desk

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