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"This Must Be The Place” Show

Apr 30, 20232:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Place Cosandey / Agora


With the Urban Move Academy (UMA) directed by Nicolas Musin. With a mega-ramp as a backdrop, the UMA performance draws its imagination from the effervescence of urban disciplines such as skateboarding, parkour and dance. Carried by young performers from UMA, the performance proposes a journey into the inner cities, asking the question of today's urban transformations by sketching a poetic and critical look at our cities. Concept and direction: Nicolas Musin Assistant : Chany Jeanguenin, Imad Nefti and Maxime Renaud Interpreters : Inès Kallal, Merit Laengner, Carolina Maldarelli, Matteo Maringola, Lou Marti, Jade Parmentier, Ainoah Otero, Alexandra Prieur-Drevon, Léo Rachado, Anh-Ly Rivet, Geena Theraulaz, Luna Traullé et Jessica Wyttenbach (Dancers) / Kevin Bringolf, Dorian Charnaud, Caryl Cordt-Moller and Noé Lüthi (Plotters) / Aristide Guisolan, Chany Jeanguenin, Tiago Tomaz and Yannick Vieira-Assman. In partnership with the Hyper Ouest Festival - hyperouest.ch

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