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AI and Health Tent - Identification and remediation of writing difficulties

Apr 30, 20237:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Salle BC 01


Visit this special hospital tent showcasing healthcare tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Identification and remediation of writing difficulties Draw a cat, reproduce a rhythm, look at pictures... Through this activity, you will discover how tablets and artificial intelligence can help measure and improve children's reading and writing skills! First, fun activities are used to assess the child's skills in these areas. Then, games that have been developed with therapists help them to train. The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyze how the user interacts with the application and to personalize the learning experience. Overall, this activity shows how digital technologies can help people with learning difficulties while having fun! Demo run by Lucas Burget Professor Pierre Dillenbourg - Computer-Human Interaction Lab for Learning & Instruction (CHILI) Open access visit Meeting point at the BC building reception desk

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Children (4-6 years)
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