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RELEX - Recipe LEarning through EXamples

Apr 30, 20237:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Atrium BC


Writing high-quality procedural texts is a challenging task for many learners. However, adaptive feedback, powered by recent advances in natural language processing (NLP), has the potential to improve learners' writing performance. We present RELEX (Recipe LEarning Through EXamples), an adaptive system providing learners with personalized examples and feedback on their procedural texts. RELEX combines state-of-the-art NLP models with domain knowledge to (1) provide an example tailored to the learner's needs, (2) enrich the example with personalized instructional explanations, and (3) display reflective prompts to support self-explanation. Demo led by Paola Mejia Professor Tanja Käser - Machine Learning for Education Lab (ML4ED) Open access visit Meeting point at the BC building reception desk

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Children (7-10 years)
Children (11-13 years)
Young people (14-16 ans)



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