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Demo: Explosive bubbles and aesthetic nano-cubes for a sustainable future

Apr 30, 20238:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Bâtiment CE - Hall


-- SOLD OUT -- Places may become available! Please ask the staff in the concerned building. Human activity is responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases that have increased the earth's temperature by 1.1°C in 120 years. This abrupt change on a geological scale is causing a drastic reduction in biodiversity and directly threatens human prosperity. In parallel to the sobriety we will have to show in the future, EPFL scientists are committed to reducing the impact of this change on our lives. Solar energy is abundant, with the sun sending us more energy in an hour than humanity consumes in a year. However, this energy has to be captured and stored, which presents two challenges. When you come to the 'Explosive bubbles and aesthetic nano-cubes for a sustainable future' demonstration, you will see how we are working on both aspects. First of all, a material that is as innovative in solar energy conversion as it is visually aesthetic will be synthesised before your eyes. This material, called perovskite, is in the form of cubes a thousand times smaller than the thickness of your hair. It is the subject of considerable research in order to become a material at the cutting edge of modern technology. In addition, we will show you how water can be converted into a fuel: hydrogen, which is used to power rockets, for example. This process is called electrolysis and it separates water into its constituent elements, namely oxygen and hydrogen, two colourless gases which will be highlighted by their explosive chemical properties. Times: 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm Duration: 30 minutes Registration: Online, or on site at the Chemistry Info desk Online, please make sure to select the desired date and time ("Where and when / Other options) In case of questions/problems, please contact: scgc@epfl.ch. Meeting point: 15 minutes before, at the welcome/chemistry info booth

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