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Lausanne Time Machine : Digital urban history

Apr 29, 20237:00 AM - 4:00 PM

STCC - niveau Garden, halls 3 & 4


The Lausanne Time Machine is a joint initiative between EPFL and UNIL, in partnership with municipal and cantonal archives and museums. The project aims to develop innovative technologies, based on artificial intelligence, for the digitization, understanding, analysis and availability of Lausanne historical sources, in collaboration with the Time Machine Europe network. The research is oriented around six axes: territory, population, architectural heritage, iconography, texts and writings, and audiovisual documents. The project aims to better integrate the big data of the past into digital knowledge networks, thus improving our understanding of environmental and social dynamics, as well as the economic evolution of the city over several centuries. The Lausanne Time Machine is part of the international Time Machine project. Supported by the European community, this project currently involves almost 600 institutions and includes other similar projects on a European scale.

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