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Small pathogens, big problems! Discover the world of microbes

Apr 29, 20237:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Bâtiment SV - Hall niveau 1


Working like a scientist! Learn about the research methods scientists use to study bacterial infections. Get ready with personal protective equipment before watching miniature equipment that replicates human organs infected with bacteria. Finally you can watch some wonderful films showing how antibiotics attack bacteria. MATCH IT! Want to study how your body reacts to foreign elements like viruses or toxins? Join us in the fun game of MATCH IT! Find out how antibodies target and neutralise viruses and learn how vaccines and therapeutic antibodies are designed. The magic of fluorescence and luminescence Discover how bacteria and animals work together, how symbiosis gives life to fluorescent and luminescent organisms. Be amazed by the bacteria that produce these magical phenomena, and explore their uses in science. Finally, don't miss the demo on how to use bacteria to answer our biological questions.

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