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Creating hyper-realistic images with computers and robots

Apr 29, 20238:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Salle INM 022


We are surrounded by "renderings", computer-generated images that are indistinguishable from reality. In this 30 min presentation in the Realistic Graphics Lab, we will: • Explain how renderings are created. • Give a live demonstration of a large measurement robot that digitizes real-world objects and materials to bring them into the virtual world. • Explain new directions pursued at EPFL, including how rendering can be applied to better understand major societal challenges like global warming. Come and see how we improve the realism of computer-generated images by measuring the light reflected from real objects such as clothes or metals, using a robot with an articulated arm. This work at the cutting edge of graphics research aspires to have all existing material digitized to develop the largest database in the world. To achieve this, EPFL researchers are working with the goniophotometer – a device used for measurement of the light emitted from an object at different angles. Professor Wenzel Jakob - Realistic Graphics Lab (RGL) Schedule: 10h-12h / 14h-16h (visit every 30 minutes) Registration is required for this event. (Ticketing button) Remaining places will be available at the reception desk in the BC building on the day of the event.

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