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Centre Bernoulli pour les études fondamentales



The mission of the Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies is to advance fundamental research in a collaborative environment based on three pillars: • Long-term scientific programs where world experts are invited to visit the center and work on selected topics for extended periods. • Short-term scientific programs that promote the collaboration of researchers from EPFL and neighboring institutions with periodic events and workshops. • Jeunesse à Bernoulli, a new program of advanced courses for motivated high school students and a math competition for Bachelor students. The center fosters interactions between theorists from different departments by providing a unique space on campus to bring them together and exchange ideas on issues that interest them. Public conferences are also offered to share the latest discoveries and research in basic sciences. The previous version of the Bernoulli Center greatly contributed to the visibility of mathematics at EPFL. THE new center pursues this mission with even more varied activities and thematic programs, including physics and computer science in its field of research.

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